Friday, February 24, 2012

Its been a while....

I am in my final semester at school, and have already checked out. Why is it that you spend so long and try so hard to get to this point, and you just want to finally be done. I am skirting by with grades because I have checked out. If I don't do anything more I will pass... but with grades that are not what I normally get. It is kind of hard to just check back in when you want it to be done.

I already got into Metropolitan State University for my BS and will be moving forward form there. I know that when I get there I will check back in to where I want to be.

I believe that with the end of the AS and starting a new position this semester is a lot of the reason that I have checked out. I will actually be taking a spring break vacation and going to Disney World... maybe that will help me to realize that I need to be better about my studies when I get back!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life's Answers to having a partner

As I sit here at school with not much to do since it is the last week of the semester, I am chatting with a fellow co-worker and we have come up with life's answers to having a spouse. This means what you can and can not do once you are tied to someone else.


We decided that once you start dating someone it gives you the right to be angry and mean to them all you want. That is part of becoming partnered. Under NO circumstance are you allowed to lie to them. You can yell and bitch all you want, but you best not lie. That is punishable under death. Leaving things out is a cousin to a lie, hence you will die from your lie.


When you start coitus with your special someone this opens up all possibilities to become bitter. They even as much as look at someone else you can turn on your anger and start yelling at them in public causing a huge scene like when Britney Spears went crazy and shaved off all her hair.


When you decide that you want to move things along and start living together, now is the time to start snooping. You now share the same living quarters, so of course you are allowed to be checking up on them now. You now have permission to look through their text messages, pants pockets, email, and phone bills.


Dum Dum Duh Dum, Dum Dum Duh Dum.... Next comes the talk and planning of your marriage. Once you both say the "I DO", you now have the right to start your lies and deceit. The minute you kiss your partner you are bounded for life. With this life sentence you now have, you are stuck together through thick and thin, life and death, lies and truth. Little lies, white lies, leaving parts of stories out... all part of the package.


Lastly, when you find out that you are about to have kids-either through adoption or natural measures- this gives you full reign to go out and sleep with anyone else you want. Once kids become involved, you need to keep your sex drive active, and there is no other way to do that then to go out and be with as many OTHER people as you can.

My fellow co-worker and I believe that these are valid points. If you are to believe anything other than what we put here you will live in denial of life's greatest passion.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cake Decorating

I have been watching the We Network and a show called Amazing Wedding Cakes. Watching this show makes me want to do cakes again. I miss decorating cakes. During BLACK Friday last week I bought myself a Kitchen Aid Mixer because they were the cheapest I EVER saw them. I was thinking about bringing it back for the fact that I didn't know if I should spend that much on myself. After watching this show, I am so glad that I have not brought it back yet. I actually am EXCITED to start baking again. I have a friend who needs a cake for a baby shower, so this will be my first cake I have done in years. If things go right with this cake she would like me to do a wedding cake for the same gal this coming summer. What a great way to get back into a thing I love.

The next step is to start working and playing around with Fondant. That would be an amazing thing to be able to get to do. The things that you can do with Fondant is AMAZING. I am in awe of each of the cakes I have seen on the show. One point I would love to be able to help one of these shows out with one of the cakes they are doing. The closest cake place that is on the show is in Chicago. What would be even better than that would be able to have my own cake place here in Minneapolis and be on the show with the greats in other cities.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Internship Update

Unexpectedly I got a phone call this morning from the internship I applies for. They would like to move forward with employment, even though they have not got my test scores back. If I failed they said they would work with me to make sure that I passed, since I need this certification to work for them. I took this as a good sign!

They like me and I made a big impression with them, this is why I believe they want to move forward. They emailed me a background check form that they would like me to get signed and emailed back to them. In the process of all this I got another email with my test score. I knew that I didn't pass the test, but I was actually closer than I thought I would be.

As soon as I realized that I did not pass, I called them back and let them know. They in turn said that they needed to talk to the trainer and they will get back to me later today. Hopefully they will stand by what they said when they called me this morning before they knew my test score.

I have slight test anxiety and I know that this did not help in my testing. Give me a practical test where I have to show you I know what is going on and I will do fine.

If it was meant to be then it will be!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Software Data Analyst Internship

Today I had a industry standard test to become certified for a QA Software Data Analyst. That was the hardest test that I think I have ever taken. I am not good with tests to begin with, but when there is something at stake, it makes it that much harder for me to do. I needed at least a 65% to pass, and I am not sure I even did that. We had 3 days of training for it with 2 days @ 2 hours and the 3rd @ 6 hours. Then another day before the test to study. I did what I did and tried. I will know more by Wednesday. I hope that I will pass so that I can get experience in the field, but really don't know. Maybe I will even surprise myself.